Women Wash Pajamas Every 17 Days On Average: Here’s How That Affects Health!

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Whether it’s a classic upper and lower cotton pajamas or a silk night gown, how often do you wash your sleeping clothes? A British research team found defeating statistics after polling 2400 couples between 18 and 30 years…

Many people are saying that pajamas can be worn for days because they only wear them at night. Recently, a group of experts conducted a research, and the results are shocking – men sleep in the same pajamas for two weeks while women go for 17 days before washing their pajamas!

The experts warn that pajamas are considered intimate clothing, so if they’re not washed regularly, it can lead to skin infection and spread of bacteria such as E. coli and staphylococcus.

Pajamas are full of germs

“Pajamas are applied directly to the skin, and we lose cells fast and all the time. We all have microorganisms on the skin or in the bowels which are usually not harmful, but if they’re on the wrong place, they can cause problems,” Dr. Sally Bloomfield explains, a professor at the London faculty for hygiene and tropical medicine.

Experts explain that if you do not wash your pajamas once a week, you’re exposed to a risk of cystitis, MRSA (a dangerous bacteria from the staphylococcus family) and various skin infections, Daily Mail writes.

Dr. Sally Bloomfield also warns of the staphylococcus bacteria which can do a lot of damage if it gets into bruises or cuts. “We all have E.Coli in the intestines, which can cause a dangerous infection if it gets in the urinary tract. Also, many people have the MRSA infection, which is hard to treat, and very resistant to antibiotics.” she explains.

73% of men say that they sleep in whatever is within their reach, and 54% of women believe that pajamas do not need to be washed so often, because you wear them for only several hours daily, which is a very dangerous way to think, especially if you live with a partner – the microbes can be transferred from body to body and get under the skin, causing infections.

Of course, the most dangerous thing you can do is sleeping in the same clothes you wear during the day (besides underpants which should be changed in the morning after a shower). This is perhaps clear to everyone but it’s nice to know that for sleeping we need fully separate clean clothes, including an undershirt and socks (if you wear them during sleeping).

It’s also noted that pajamas, when thrown for laundry, are full of microbes which will get on the other laundry, so it’s recommended you pick cotton pajamas which you will wash on 60 or 90 degrees and that way remove most of the microorganisms which are gathered. After laundry, iron them on high temperature and you’re set.

However, Dr. Sally Bloomfield says that all of the microorganism won’t be removed if you go for weeks without washing, and that’s why it’s recommended to wash the pajamas once a week: “If you wear the same pajamas that long, the microorganisms will not be washed, they will just move to the underclothes and other clothes which comes in contact with the skin when you wear it again.” – she concludes.

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