How to Reduce Exposure to Pesticides, Herbicides, and Insecticides

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Nowadays we’re constantly exposed to a variety of toxins and chemicals which are present in our soil, air, water and the foods we eat as well. Reducing the toxic load on our bodies is the first step towards becoming healthier, but this is easier said than done.


High toxic exposure over a prolonged period can cause a variety of health problems, which is why you need to learn how to reduce your exposure to herbicides, insecticides and pesticides. Here are a few tips that can help you do that:

Pay attention to your plate

Most of the food we buy today comes from industrial-scale farms. The produce we eat is sprayed with a host of chemicals which can enter our body and cause numerous problems. Here’s what you can do about this:

Find USDA-certified organic produce

Of course, the certified seal isn’t foolproof, but it’s definitely better than most of the other product you can buy. Plus, the organic produce has a far better nutritional content than the other options.

Buy your produce from a local farmer’s market

The produce at local farmer markets may not always be organic certified, but you can bet that it contains a lesser amount of pesticides and other chemicals.

Buy smart

If you can’t afford an organic diet, consult one of the essential shopper’s guide for organic produce from the EWG (Environmental Working Group) which can save you a lot of money and you will still eat healthier.

Grow your own produce

Growing vegetables and fruits in your backyard is easier than you think and will get you an ideal source of healthy organic food.

Leave your lawn run wild

Instead of soaking the soil in your backyard with glyphosate and similar chemicals, you can go organic and leave it run a little wild. This will help you stay away from pesticides and keep your healthier.

Switch to natural bug repellents

Avoid using bug spray or keep it to a minimum. Alternatively, you can make your own natural insect repellent like the one you can see in the video below:

Stay away from industrially grown flowers and shrubs

According to a 2014 report, most of the commercial plants, shrubs and trees are full of insecticides and pesticides which can really take a toll on your health. Try finding plants that are kinder to Earth and flowers with the Veriflora certificate.


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