Honey Wraps – Cures Strong Cough And Removes Mucus From The Lungs In Just One Night! Especially Efficient For Children

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This amazing natural remedy can be used for treating seasonal diseases as well as diseases of the respiratory tract. The coating and high biological activity of honey can easily remove mucus, which is usually present during severe coughs. These honey wraps can help you cure the bad coughs in only a night, and they are safe for both adults and children.

Honey wraps


– Honey
– Flour
– Vegetable oil
– Gauze
– Napkin
– Band-Aid

First, mix the honey and flour and make sure that the mixture doesn’t stick on your hands. This will be used for the compress. Add the vegetable oil in this mixture and roll it in flour again. When it’s ready, put it on a napkin and wrap the napkin in a cheesecloth. Attach the wrap with some adhesive tape on your chest or back before going to bed and put on your pajamas. The compress should be placed slightly above the heart.

Put the compress on your child before going to bed, and let it stay for a couple of hours. For adults, the compress can stay on the chest or back overnight. For a slightly stronger effect, add some mustard powder in the mixture. Put some sheets on your bed because the mixture will make you sweat a lot overnight.

The wraps possess strong anti-inflammatory effects that will warm up your body. The results will be felt almost immediately, even in the beginning stages of a disease. They will treat any disease without negative side-effects.

When to use the honey wraps?
The honey wraps are mainly used for treating coughs. They can be used on children from 6 months up, but make sure that your child doesn’t have any skin diseases or injuries.

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