Easy Pressure Point Relief You Can Do Anywhere And Anytime

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Acupressure is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine technique that relies on applying pressure on certain points in the body in order to relieve some kind of ailment. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that an energy known as Qi flows through certain meridians in the body, and if the flow is somehow affected, specific diseases and conditions will occur.


Acupressure differs from acupuncture in the way the pressure is applied. Acupressure uses the hands for applying pressure on specific points in the body that can relieve a variety of symptoms. Here are some common acupressure points which can be pressed to relieve specific health problems:


Pressure point: Hegu (large intestine 4)

This point lies between the index finger and thumb and the highest point of the bulge of the muscle. It can relieve headaches, nasal congestion, nosebleeds and toothache as well. However, it should not be pressed if you’re pregnant as it might induce labor.


Pressure point: Nei Guan (pericardium 6)

The pericardium 6 point lies two fingers below the wrist on the inner part of the forearm, just between the tendons. It can relieve nausea, upset stomach and motion sickness as well.


Pressure points: Ying Xiang (large intestine 20), Sibai (stomach 2), Zanzhu (bladder 2)

The LI 20 point lies in the middle of the nasal groove, the Sibai point is located at the depression of the infraorbital foramen while the bladder 2 point is located on the medial end of an eyebrow. They can all be used against different kinds of allergies.

Low back pain

Pressure point: Yuji (lung 10)

This pressure point can be found on the midpoint of the palm side of the palm. It can be used to relieve low back pain.


Pressure point: Yin Tang (GV 24.5)

The GV 24.5 point lies between the eyebrows and can be used against anxiety, sinus headaches and nosebleeds.


Here’s a video that shows the process:

Source: http://www.healthy-holistic-living.com

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