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Although it doesn’t seem exactly efficient and is counter-intuitive, the diet we have for you today can help you lead a healthy lifestyle and shed some pounds as well. It contains foods that should usually be forbidden during a diet, but still has long-lasting effects that will help you get fit in almost no time!


The incredible egg diet requires minimum food intake for 3 days. This doesn’t mean that you will starve, but you’ll need to take vitamin supplements and drink plenty of water in order to preserve your health. The diet should be tried once for 3 days and shouldn’t be repeated for more than a month, and strictly forbids chocolate and sugary treats.

As the name suggests, the diet is based around eggs. The meals for all 3 days are the same – for breakfast, you’re allowed to eat 3 eggs; for lunch you can have 3 hot dogs, while the dinner is reserved for 3 bananas. If you prefer, you can eat eggs during the first day, hot dogs on the second and bananas only on the third.


People who have tried the diet have reported losing up to 6 pounds in only 3 days! During the diet, it’s very important to follow the “Dietary Monday” when you are allowed only some lemonade without sugar and plenty of fruit for the day. It may be rigorous, but try the diet yourself and you will be amazed by the results!


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