Add Salt To Your Shampoo And Solve One Of The Biggest Hair Problems

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Salt is one of the most common ingredients we all use on an everyday basis, we couldn’t imagine a meal without it and we can find it in every kitchen, no exceptions. However, not many people use salt for anything other than cooking and very few are aware that salt can actually help you with a number of health problems.

Did you know that by adding just 2-3tbsp. of salt to your shampoo you will eliminate oily hair for good? No need to buy expensive hair products, just improve your regular shampoo with some salt and witness the results almost immediately.

Here’s what else you can use salt for:

Salt body peel

Salt can be an excellent body scrub. Just mix 2tbsp. of rough sea salt and a cup of coconut oil and use this as a body scrub. The results will be amazing.

Leg peeling

Salt can also be used as a leg peeling, just mix a cup of olive oil and 2 tbsp. of salt and rub your legs with the mixture to get silky smooth skin and amazing looking legs.

Improve your health with salt


If you have chronic headaches salt can ease the pain significantly. For an instant relief mix a teaspoon of salt in a glass of water and drink it. Within 15 minutes your headache will be gone.


Salt is known to sting a bit when applied on open wounds it actually speeds up the heeling process significantly. Dissolve 2tsp. of salt in a glass of water and apply the mixture on the injury, it will heal much faster.

Caution: If you’re having problems with high blood pressure, cut back on the salt consumption because it can have detrimental effect.


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